Admission Procedures and Tuition

6. Admission Procedures

  1. As a general rule, successful applicants should visit the school in person during the designated period for completing admission procedures. In the unavoidable event that these procedures must be completed by mail, the applicant should endeavor to ensure that the documents arrive at the school by the deadline by using registered mail.
  2. If admission procedures are not completed within the designated period, the offer of admission will be withdrawn.
  3. The General Affairs Department of this graduate school will send out details regarding admission procedures when the names of successful candidates are announced. Applicants who are expected to graduate from another institution in March 2016 need to submit the certificate of graduation.
  4. As a general rule, international students need to obtain student residence status (student visa) once they have been admitted to the program. Status of residence (visa) is a requirement for international students residing in Japan, and international students are individually responsible for making the appropriate applications. Please contact the General Affairs Department of this school if you have any questions regarding status of residence.

7. Tuition

Year Entrance Fees Lecture Fees Facility Fees Total
1st Year Student 200,000 Yen 1,000,000 Yen 100,000 Yen 1,300,000 Yen
2nd Year Student 1,000,000 Yen 100,000 Yen 1,100,000 Yen
  • In addition to the fees listed above, 1st year students are required to pay a separate 50,000 yen fee for miscellaneous expenses such as environmental maintenance, lecture materials, lecture materials and printing fees. 2nd year students are required to pay a separate 50,000 yen fee for environmental expenses and the graduation ceremony (ceremony fees).
  • Students will be notified separately from admission procedures of details regarding payment period and payment methods for the entrance fees, lecture fees, facility fees, and miscellaneous fees.
  • Entrance fees are non-refundable.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned.