Application Process

3. Application Process

Applicants should prepare their application and supporting documents and either bring them to the school or submit them by post. Applicants making a submission by post should read item 1 of (4) Points to Remember below

(1) Preliminary Consultation

Prospective students are strongly advised to consult with a faculty member in advance regarding their research prior to submitting their application for admission. Applicants should understand that their application for admission may not be recognized if they submit their application without consulting with a faculty member. Potential applicants can contact the school regarding advance counseling by telephone or email. Please contact the school well in advance of the application deadline.

(2) Application Periods

1st Admission Tuesday, August 22 - Thursday, September 14,2017
2nd Admission Tuesday, September 19 - Wednesday, November 29 ,2017
3rd Admission Tuesday, December 5 - Thursday, January 25, 2017
4th Admission Tuesday, January 30 - Thursday, February 22, 2018
5th Admission Tuesday, February 27 - Thursday, March 22, 2018

※ Applicants submitting an application and supporting documents in person should come to the Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Jikei Institute, General Affairs Department (Osaka Jikei Gakuen shared campus, 9th floor) between 10:00 and 20:00 any day except for Sundays, Mondays (regular school holiday), and holidays.

(3) Application

①Application Form Ⓐ
Please complete in Japanese or English. The photo must be a frontal view of the applicant’s upper body without a hat and must be 4 cm in height and 3 cm in width. The photograph must be affixed in the space provided.
②Admission Ticket Ⓑ , Ⓒ
A photo the same as the one used for the Application for Admission must be affixed in the space provided.
③Examination Fee
Please affix the Bank Transfer Receipt of Payment Certificate provided by this school in the space provided. Applicants paying the examination fee in Japan need to complete the required fields in the attached Examination Fee Payment Handling Slip and submit it together with 30,000 yen at the nearest branch of the Japan Post Bank. Please note that payment cannot be made at a Japan Post Bank ATM. Applicants are responsible for bank transfer charges. After the funds have been transferred, the applicant must affix the Payment Handling Slip to the application form in the space provided once the applicant has confirmed that the Bank Transfer Receipt of Payment Certificate attached to the Payment Handling Slip has been stamped with the handling bank’s official seal. Any application forms without a Bank Transfer Receipt of Payment Certificate stamped with the handling bank’s official seal will be considered invalid and the application form will not be accepted. The examination fee can also be paid in person in the General Affairs Department of this school. Applicants taking the examination overseas should contact us.
④Proof of (Expected) Graduation
Proof of Graduation or Proof of Expected Graduation must be issued by the applicant’s graduating university. If the document is in a language other than Japanese or English, a Japanese or English translation must be sent together with the document. The same applies to all other documents below.
⑤Official Transcripts
Official transcripts must be issued by the applicant’s graduating university.
⑥Research Plan
Please describe the goals and incentives for the research you wish to pursue when you enroll in the school (such as the focus of the research, the methodology, and so forth) as well as the research materials you are considering in the format designated by this school. The research plan may be submitted in Japanese or English.
⑦Residence Card (Back and Front)
⑧Financial Sponsor Notification Form
Please fill out the Financial Sponsor Notification Form provided by this school.
⑨Other Documents Which Can Confirm Eligibility to Apply for Admission
Applicants should submit copies of any Japanese national qualifications or licenses they possess as well as any overseas qualifications they possess. Please include Japanese or English translations when necessary. Candidates who choose to take the Adult Student Admission Examination must submit employment history-related certificates which prove that the applicant possesses at least 3 years of practical experience. The specific format for the certificates is left open. If one particular instance of work experience is 3 years or longer, the applicant may submit the certificate for that workplace. If not, the applicant may submit multiple certificates which together total 3 years or more of work experience. If a certificate or document is in a language other than Japanese or English, a Japanese or English translation must be sent together with the certificate or document.

(4) Points to Remember

  1. Please use the envelope provided when sending applications by mail from within Japan or from overseas and ensure that the application arrives before the application deadline.
  2. The examination voucher will be sent as soon as the candidate’s application is received. Applicants from overseas may be contacted through email or other means.
  3. Permission to enroll in the program will be canceled in the event any false statement is discovered in the applicant’s application or supporting documents. Cancellation will still apply even if the discovery is made after enrollment has been discovered.