Research Department Overview

We support students flexibly and efficiently in response to their research program, academic background and career.

curriculum policy structure

This graduate school aims to improve the safety of patients as well as improve the quality of health care, and to deliver courses in accordance with the background and goals of each student. Students first select and take the courses they need in order to prepare for their own research from the foundation courses and specialized foundation courses. Students then take the core classes which form the foundation and basis for health care safety administration. After that the programs separate into the two fields of health care safety administration, and hospital or institutional administrative management as a domain of health care safety administration. Students take the practical courses required for their respective fields and further expand their expertise.

Curriculum from Enrollment to Graduation


This curriculum satisfies the requirements to become a health care safety administrator.

Medical Safety Measures conducted by the health care safety administrator and satisfying certain legal standards set by the health care organization have Safety Measures Additional Points applied to their Medical Fee. In such a case, one of the conditions is that a full-time nurse, pharmacist, or other professional, who has completed the appropriate training related to medical safety measures, is deployed as a health care safety administrator. Once students complete the 2 required courses of Introduction to Health Care Safety Management (2 credits) and Introduction to Health Care Risk Management (2 credits) at this school, they are considered to have satisfied the requirement to have completed the appropriate training.

Broadening Post-Graduation Horizons

By acquiring a foundation in health care safety administration, graduates can work as specialists in this field of study in hospitals, companies, and other workplaces. And by receiving a master’s degree, graduates can be the person who provides unity, support, and guidance to hospitals and corporate organizations. Moreover, graduates can also find employment as a member of educational research organizations at universities and other educational bodies.

Research Department Overview

Students can increase their expertise by continuing their studies even further.

Once students have acquired their master’s degree, they can continue their studies in a doctoral program at another university in order to deepen their expertise still further.
Full-time staff at this graduate school can provide advice regarding advancing to a doctoral program.

Research Department Overview