Equipment and Facilities

We are well equipped to support for study medical safety management programs.

Audiovisual Lecture Hall

In addition to lecture-style classes employing audiovisual materials, the audiovisual lecture hall is used for ceremonies, lectures, and research seminars and conferences for joint research. Each seat has a power outlet, and the hall is equipped for wireless LAN, so students can bring their notebook computer to class.

General Experiment and Practical Training Classroom / Information Processing Classroom

Medical, economics, and management-related research is conducted in the laboratory, and the computers in the laboratory are equipped with a variety of statistical analysis software. Three booths have also been installed inside the laboratory and are used for practice and meetings.


The school has 3 classrooms in addition to the lecture hall, each with a different seating capacity. Classes can be conducted with optimal seating arrangements such as the classic grid seating arrangement or a circular seating arrangement.


The library is well stocked with specialized books and academic journals (Japanese and Western) which are valuable for research, and students can browse electronic journals at dedicated computer terminals. In addition to the basic collection of specialized books, students can also use the libraries of the specialized training colleges nearby.

Self-Study Rooms

Lockers as well as desks with an electrical outlet for a computer have been prepared for each student, and a wireless LAN environment has been put in place. The school has prepared a comfortable self-study environment.

Psychology Laboratory

This is a laboratory for revealing the mechanisms of human perception and cognition which has been set up with equipment for experiments to investigate the properties of eye movements or visual perception.

Ergonomics Laboratory

The laboratory has been set up with equipment for experiments for ergonomic approaches to health care safety administration such as measuring physiological responses using instruments such as electromyographs or heart rate monitors and evaluating workload.


A cafeteria is located on the first basement level and offers many different meal options. Students can easily eat before classes.