Message from the Head of the Department of Health Care Administration Research

Reinvigorate your Career Through Health Care Safety Management Research

More than half a century has passed since calls for a partnership between the field of medicine and industry for artificial organs were first heard. Now the focus is on highly advanced medical care such as regenerative medicine, with the rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the time is ripe for entry into the medical industry.

Following on advancements in medical care, treatment has now become possible for previously untreatable illnesses in recent years. Meanwhile, the medical system as a whole has become even more complicated. The number of medical accidents at has been constantly reported. However, these reports are only the tip of the iceberg as an enormous number of incidents are reported each year.

The Graduate School of Health Care Services, Jikei Institute, delivers a program which gives students a solid foundation in health care safety administration with practical subjects. In addition, students study and investigate the concepts underlying safety and risk management, which is directly connected to patient safety and peace of mind, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation.

Japan has already become a super-aged society, and national health care-related financial resources have felt the squeeze. New stories covering the tragedies of the Long-term Elderly Care of the Elderly (in Japanese “ Rou-rou Kaigo”) have appeared in newspapers and on television. The question of how to ensure the quality and safety of health care and caregiving has become an important topic. Since the extended family system collapsed long ago and the number of nuclear families has increased in Japan, the rebuilding of that system as a part of the social infrastructure in communities would be quite difficult.

How to create a viable system for comprehensive community care is a very important question. Under the leadership of our president, the entire faculty is working on this difficult problem as a coordinated research effort and looking at the problem from a health care safety administration standpoint.

Fortunately, the Graduate School of Health Care Services, Jikei Institute, has assembled a faculty consisting of members from the medical professions as well as engineering, psychology, business administration, and social welfare-related professions. We have banded together under the banner of health care quality and safety to conduct research into the physical and psychological care of patients.

Most of the students who enroll in our school are professionals with medical or social welfare national qualifications such as nurses, clinical engineering technicians, clinical laboratory technicians, radiological technologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and social workers, but we also welcome new graduates from university.

If you possess an interest in health care administration research as an interdisciplinary collaboration, or if you are seeking to move forward in your career, then you should enroll in our program. You will certainly be able to reinvigorate your career while you enjoy your research.