Message from Our President

Achieve a Thorough Mastery of Health Care Safety Management

Osaka Jikei Gakuen School Corporation established the Graduate School of Health Care Services, Jikei Institute, as a graduate school for conducting research into improving health care quality and safety in April 2011 based on its approximately 30-year experiences of cultivating medical specialists. The Master of Health Care Safety Management program is the first master's program in the field of health care safety management in Japan. The program underwent Institutional Certified Evaluation and Accreditation by the Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation during the 2016 academic year and was judged suitable for accreditation.

Knowledge and skills in the field of health care and other fields have been progressing each year. Health care has also been changing rapidly due to the declining birthrate and aging population in Japan, from completely-hospital contained care to completely community-based care. As a result, more importance has been placed on health care and caregiving and the implementation of such care is becoming more complicated and more advanced.

A balance between the quality and safety of comprehensive care, including improvements in health care, and administrative management is needed in this kind of environment. At the same time, cultivating the professionals responsible for health care safety-based management and the establishment of scientific methodologies are both urgent and important issues.

Our school has undertaken the challenges of health care safety administration education, research, and contributions to society head on in order to resolve these issues. Through the implementation of education and project research between specialist faculty members from medicine, nursing, clinical engineering, psychology, business administration, and other fields and graduate students from a variety of different professions, our program cultivates true leaders who possess health care safety competence and strives to embody management as a practical science.

We are also strengthening the bonds between comprehensive community care, industry, and academic conferences via the establishment of the Japanese Society for Safety Education Research in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Product Production Practical Education Seminar.

Our school provides the best possible environment for career advancement and personal enlightenment to students enrolling in our program. Professionals in the medical, nursing, and related industries can also expect to receive excellent competencies by collaborating with our institution.

We hope that you will use our graduate school to pursue your study and research health care safety management.